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The CR-List - An electronic mail "Mailing List" is designed to keep you abreast of current events, sales and other goings-on at CRUFFLER.COM.  For now, the list is "announcement only", and we won't fill your mailbox with spam - we promise.  

If user interest warrants, we may, in the future, create a full, open unmoderated discussion list dedicated to the friendly discussion of C&R firearms, as well as a wide range of related shooting issues and topics of general interest to our members.  The CR-List is hosted on CRUFFFLER.COM's MajorDomo Mail Server and is open to the public, however only list subscribers can receive messages.  Please subscribe or unsubscribe using the form above. 

Cruffler.Com E-Mail addresses & web space are also available.

CR-List Information

The Mission of CR-List is to promote fellowship, knowledge, Safety, technical competency, sportsmanship and friendly competition among C&R firearm owners world wide.

For Questions or Support Contact - cruffler@cruffler.com